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James Zolman

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
-Warren Buffett

Hi there! I’m a digital marketer who has built dozens of digital assets that have generated well over $50MM in revenue over the past 10 years.

I specialize in pay per click advertising, web analytics, copywriting, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and conversion optimization.

Early in my career I built a small personal portfolio with over 350 domain names. I personally developed and sold several of them, gaining experience in developing websites with CMSs such as Wordpress, ModX, Drupal, and Joomla. I also became...[Continue reading on LinkedIn...]

  • Phone : +1 208-520-0issocool818
  • Email : james@jameszolissocool.com
  • Website : jameszol.com
  • Location :Idaho Falls, Idaho



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Your strategy should be unique to your audience and your brand. Let's work together to build a strategy that is meaningful to your business!


From Enterprise Ad Tech and web analytics to home-grown solutions, which tactics will help you best execute and direct your strategy?


Automation offers efficiency and profficiency. I lean heavily toward automating as much as possible.

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  • Collaboration 97%
  • Leadership 90%
  • Project Management 85%
  • Creative 80%
  • Feedback 91%
  • Motivation 100%

I am available for Laser Tag and other fun projects!

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My Experience

  • Present
  • Startups


    Invested in, and managed, two startups: instaBroadcast.com and FamilyNow.com. We worked on developing marketable products and solutions in the family and radio/podcast industries.

    JAN 2014 to DEC 2014
  • Branded Holdings, LLC

    VP Marketing & Operations

    Branded Holdings, LLC is an independent marketing entity inside a $300MM organization based out of Las Vegas, NV. We held and managed a portfolio of digital assets in highly competitive financial niches such as debt consolidation, personal and payday loans.

    • Achieved up to 40% monthly ROAS through agile methods, a/b testing, sales funnel optimization, and cost analyses
    • Recruited 4 world-class people as Directors of front-end development, design/UI, business development, and paid advertising
    • Efficiently managed a team of 8
    • Profitably managed our multi-million dollar digital marketing budget
    • Transformed the business into a quant-filled environment by developing a 90 day analytics initiative where every team member carried analyst responsibilities and each became a Google Analytics Qualified Individual
    • The analytics initiative improved communication and advanced cooperative A/B Testing initiatives across departments
    OCT 2012 - JAN 2014
  • Credit Loan, LLC

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Credit Loan, LLC was acquired in 2011 by a $300MM company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. One year later, we housed CreditLoan.com inside a new entity: Branded Holdings, LLC. CreditLoan.com is a lead generation machine, accounting for well over 1,000 full payday and personal loan applications every day.

    • 300% profitable growth in paid digital advertising channel within the first 24 months
    • Effectively managed up to 150 active A/B or multivariate tests at one time
    • Purchased and became an implementation expert with Enterprise Marketing Automation software and Enterprise web analytics solutions
    • 20% profitable growth year over year post-acquisition
    SEP 2009 to OCT 2012
  • semvironment, LLC


    semvironment was a performance-based pay-per-click advertising agency. Assets were sold to GetFoundFirst.com in 2013.

    • Profitably managed over $5 million in annual ad spend for our clients
    • 150% year over year growth
    • Effectively managed a team of 9 including 5 sales representatives, 1 graphic designer, 1 web developer, and 2 account managers
    OCT 2005 to FEB 2009
  • Independent Consultant / Affiliate Marketer

    • Held a portfolio of nearly 400 domains, now holding fewer than 100
    • Ecommerce affiliate selling over $100,000/mo in volume (2005-2008)
    • Lead generation for Merchant Services, Home Security, Residential Real Estate (2007-2012)
    • Sold hundreds of imported items on Ebay (2004-2005)
    • White label consulting on behalf of Enterprise Marketing Agencies on a per project basis
    FEB 2004 to PRESENT


"James is the most savvy marketer I have ever met. He is a genius for sales, and is a human dictionary on Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. James is also one of my favorite people to work with; he's very easy to get along with, makes his employees and their families a top priority, and is unflinchingly honest. I can't recommend him more highly."

Shane Snow

Cofounder at Contently, Author of Smartcuts, Journalist

"I've worked with James on a smaller scale & have continued to come back to him for some additional advice on some of my marketing projects. Each time, he's been extremely helpful & overall a great person to work with!"

BJ Wright


"James was amazing to work with. I generally hesitate contracting out such important work, but he made me feel comfortable. He took the time to develop a great understanding of what we needed to accomplish. He was results oriented and never disappointed me. I would absolutely recommended hiring him for your project."

Dusty Rhoades


"[...] Technical concepts, how they can apply to business and can be leveraged to provide a profit, just made sense to James. In a professional setting, I realized that James excels at teaching himself what he needs to accomplish his vision and/or finding and surrounding himself with knowledgeable people that provide expertise he may lack."

Derek Joos

Senior Software Engineer

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+1 208-520-0issocool818